How to Сook Rice Noodles Step-by-step Recipes

April 6, 2021 How to Сook Rice Noodles

Fresh rice noodles as an independent dish or as an ingredient in complex dishes are rapidly gaining popularity all over the world. Today, we will consider the process of how to cook rice noodles at home. Let’s begin our cooking!

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What is rice noodles?

Rice noodles can rightly be called the hallmark of Asian cuisine. This is a universal product: it is appropriate to serve with meat and fish, use in salads and soups, and in other cases, when they do not even make the filling for pies. It is important to prepare such a dish easily. Rice pasta does not need to be changed, they can be steamed with boiling water and kept under the lid for a minute.

How long is it to Cook rice noodles?

Cook this noodle in the same way as regular pasta.
To prepare rice noodles you need:

  • Take a large saucepan to avoid sticking products during welding.
  • Let the water boil in it, then lay the noodles and boil for no more than 5 minutes.
  • Then the liquid is poured out, and the contents of the pan are covered with cool water so that the noodles do not swell.
  • Purchased store-bought noodles should be prepared following the instructions on the package. Rice noodles can be wide and narrow. It depends on your taste. Wide rice noodles are perfect for Asian pastas and soups.
  • As a rule, such a product does not require full cooking. It is simply placed in a container with hot water, covered with a lid and infused for 10 minutes.
  • After that, the noodles are placed in a colander, where they are washed with cool water.

Then the noodles are used as a main ingredient for a stand-alone dish or as part of other dishes.

Chinese rice noodle salad recipe

Chinese rice noodle salad recipe
Below is a recipe for a universal oriental salad, which we prepare today with vegetables. And you can choose the products you like the most.

It is only important to cut the ingredients with fine straw.

To create a dish you will need:


  • cooked rice noodles
  • any vegetables to personal preference
  • onion head
  • lean butter
  • soy sauce

We will prepare as follows:

Step 1.
Heat the oil in a frying pan, then fry the thinly sliced ​​vegetables for no more than 7 minutes.

Step 2.
Steam them under the lid until ready.

Step 3.
Then add rice noodles and soy sauce to the vegetable mixture.

Step 4.
Stir well and keep on fire for another couple of minutes.

Rice noodles salad with chicken and vegetables

Rice noodles salad with chicken


  • a pack of noodles
  • chicken fillet
  • cherry tomatoes – 3 – 4 pieces
  • salad leaves
  • small crushed garlic clove
  • small bulb
  • odorless olive or vegetable oil – 3 – 4 tbsp. l
  • wine vinegar – 2 tbsp. l
  • a pinch of sugar, salt with a mixture of peppers – to your liking

Prepare rice noodles salad with chicken and vegetables as follows:

Step 1.
Fry the crushed garlic in a generous amount of oil until it gives off its taste and aroma. After that it is removed.

Step 2.
Finely chop the chicken and fry in the resulting garlic oil until golden.

Step 3.
Rice noodles should be boiled and rinsed with cool water.

Step 4.
Put it in a bowl, send sliced ​​lettuce, chopped tomatoes and fried chicken fillet.

Step 5.
Then you need to prepare the dressing. To do this, fry a little garlic in the last sunflower oil, then throw away the once spicy cake.

Step 6.
In a separate bowl mix wine vinegar, salt, sugar, pepper and garlic oil. Mix thoroughly.

The resulting dressing is just to sprinkle the salad and serve immediately.
This dish has a pleasant taste both warm and cold.

Rice noodles salad with seafood

Rice noodles salad with seafood

This salad looks very elegant, and many housewives doubt whether you can cook it yourself at home. Seafood noodles are easy to prepare and can be eaten even faster.


  •  boiled rice pasta;
  •  a mixture of seafood;
  •  small carrots;
  •  small sweet paprika;
  •  small bulb;
  •  garlic cloves – 1 – 2 pieces;
  •  lean (any) butter and lemon juice – 2 tbsp.  l .;
  •  soy sauce – twice as much.

Prepare the salad as follows:

Step 1.
First, prepare the marinade for seafood. To do this, combine lemon juice with spicy sauce

Step 2.
Seafood should be washed, cleaned and put in the resulting marinade for half an hour. If such a mix for some reason is not suitable, you can cook “light” noodles with shrimp according to the same recipe.

Step 3.
Chop all the vegetables with a fine straw and fry in oil until golden.

Step 4.
After that, seafood is added to the vegetable mixture and all together cook for no more than 10 minutes.

Step 5.
Then put rice noodles in a frying pan, mix the composition thoroughly and keep under the lid for a few minutes.

The lard is ready. This dish would be good to serve for tasting in a warm form.

Salad with rice noodles

Salad with rice noodles

Here is an original vegetable snack that can be eaten as a main course. Products for cooking are taken to taste, depending on what, in the opinion of the hostess, should predominate in the salad – vegetables or noodles.


  • boiled noodles
  •  tomatoes
  •  paprika
  •  cucumber
  •  green peas (canned)
  •  garlic
  •  dill, basil, parsley
  •  olive or vegetable oil
  •  soy sauce

Prepare the salad as follows:

Step 1.
Saute finely chopped garlic in vegetable oil in a frying pan, then add boiled noodles to it, which are lightly fried.

Step 2.
Vegetables are cut into small pieces.

Step 3.
Then mix rice noodles with vegetables and season everything with soy sauce.

Salad with rice noodles is ready, it can be served.

Rice noodles with soy sauce

Rice noodles with soy sauce

And this is a quick and hearty dish, the preparation of which can handle even a child. It requires very few ingredients, but as a result, such savings will not affect. This kind of dish we can call brown rice noodles, as we will use here soy sauce. Perfect noodle pasta for real gourmet.


  • boiled rice pasta
  •  a little soy sauce
  •  vegetable oil
  •  garlic;
  •  chili to taste
  •  any greens

How exactly to cook it:

Step 1.
In a frying pan, fry the garlic in oil, add chili and soy sauce.

Step 2.
Simmer until boiling

Step 3.
Ready pasta is laid out on a frying pan, mix thoroughly and cook under the lid for no more than a minute.

Before serving, you can decorate the dish with greens.
Instead of greens, it is permissible to sprinkle the finished dish with sesame seeds.

Rice noodle soup

Rice noodle soup

This soup is very tasty, although at first the list of ingredients may alarm people far from oriental cuisine, because the basis of the dish is coconut milk.

To please yourself and your loved ones with an exotic dish, you should prepare the following.


  • rice pasta
  •  coconut milk – half a liter
  •  unpeeled shrimp – half a kilo
  •  ginger
  •  carrot;
  •  a teaspoon of starch
  •  lime juice
  •  butter
  •  spices, salt – to taste

Cooking it as follows:

Step 1.
In a deep and thick-walled pan, fry all the vegetables and pour coconut milk. If necessary, you can add water.

Step 2.
The starch is diluted in water, then poured into a saucepan with the remaining ingredients.

Step 3.
Then add rice vermicelli. It is allowed to boil for five minutes, no more.

Step 4.
Then shrimp are added to the soup and the dishes are allowed to get a little tired.

Before serving, the food is seasoned with lime juice and decorated with greens.
This dish is served exclusively hot for dinner.

Questions and Answers

How to cook rice noodles at home

If you have the time and desire, rice noodles are easy to make yourself. You will need half a kilo of white rice or ready-made rice flour, which is sold in a supermarket in the Asian goods department. If you decide to use rice, it must be ground in a special grinder or coffee grinder to obtain a thin snow-white flour.

After that, for every 110 grams of raw material, take 1 large chicken egg and knead the dough. It should be steep and elastic, easy to unfold into thin strips.

The layer should be rolled out as thin as possible, the ideal option is to use a special paste machine.

After that, the resulting layers are cut into thin strips – this is the noodles.

Before use, the finished product is dried, and then placed in a glass or plastic container with a tightly closed lid and placed in a cool dark place.

Rice noodles and funchoza: what’s the difference?

Many novice housewives can not understand the difference. Are there really striking differences, or is it again a publicity stunt?

The first difference is caloric content. Funchoza is 3 times richer. 100 grams of product contains more than 300 kcal.

Rice noodles are made from rice flour and funchoza – from potato starch and legumes.

It is extremely difficult to recognize them by their appearance. Rice noodles will turn white after cooking, funchoza – will remain transparent.

Fresh rice noodles are a tasty and healthy product, on the basis of which you can prepare many different, hearty and healthy dishes. The main thing is to boil the product correctly, and then the finished dish will not disappoint you with its appearance and taste.

Rice noodles calories and secrets on how to cook?

Pasta is made from rice flour is a hearty product with a caloric content of 109 kcal per hundred grams.

Are rice noodles – gluten free?

Lots of people often want to know, “do rice noodles have gluten”? Now we can answer! The main difference between fresh rice noodles and wheat noodles – is the complete absence of gluten, a protein that causes allergies in some people.

Rice noodles are an excellent side dish for those who have “allergies” and for those who are faced with any other problems of the digestive system.

After all, what is this product that is revealed by the founders, and what can be prepared with it? We showed you above. Bon appetit!

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